Colorado Springs & specified dates
(Contact me for available dates)
HALF $400 TWENTY minutes
One location
One outfit
30+ edited images
TWO locations
1-2 outfits
100+ edited images
+ +
IN CASE YOU WERE CURIOUS a. How do I save my spot when booking?
q. Half of the session payment is paid when we pick your session date,
then the rest can be paid the day before the session.

q. What's the best time of day for a session?
a. Two hours before sunset and after sunrise.

q. I'm awkward, do I need to have my own poses ready?
a. I'll tell you exactly what to do throughout the session, so there's NO pressure on you!

Q. Can I lower the price of the Full session by only having one outfit or location?
A. No, the price is based on the amount of time we're taking photos.

q. What if the weather is bad?
a. I really love a sunny day! I will try to reschedule your session if it’s too gloomy, windy or rainy.

q. Do you delete the photos after delivering?
a. I recommend saving your photos to your computer and a thumb drive,
but I'll have them backed up to my hard drive if you ever need them again!

q. Can I get my deposit back if I need to cancel?
a. Deposits are non-refundable but you don’t have to pay it again when you reschedule.
That payment goes towards your future session, no matter how far away.

q. Where can I view your recent photos?
a. Facebook, instagram and my blog!

q. Do I have to print my photos from you?
a. Nope. You have an option to print wherever you’d like. Of course I’d love if you chose to
print through me, the prints are delivered to you and great quality.

q. What should I wear?
a. Focus on coordinating 3 or 4 different colors instead of matching just one. I have a Pinterest
board that I keep updated with my favorite outfit ideas! Ask anytime and I'll send that over.