You Need Headshots | Ashlee Kay Photography

I LOVE working with brands and artists! 
I enjoy taking headshots in a way that is artistic,
comfortable and natural for the subject.

I heard a piece of advice: A potential client wants to know WHO they’re
buying from before they buy. They need to see your face and hear your
story/voice – then you’ll not only have a client, but also a supporter.

One of the things that I love hearing when people meet me is “I feel like I
already know you”. That means I’m building trust online by showing
WHO I am before they meet me.

There are TWO major ways I encourage business owners and creatives to
reach their client in this way:

1. Updated headshots

Show off your mug. Another angle is to get a photographer to capture you working or hanging in your environment. When we click on your instagram, we should be able to scan your top 9 photos at any given moment and see your face. We want to see who’s talking.

2. Don’t just be curated

We don’t want perfection. Show your life in your instagram stories in a more candid way. Share stories, make jokes about a mistake you made, let them in on your creative process. Showing somebody how relatable you are pays off big!

With that said, this blog is all about Audrey! She’s a lash artist and she wanted headshots that weren’t stiff and posed. It’s like music to my ears! Haha. Plus, her lashes happened to be stunning (yeah duh, Ashlee) and she’s so great in front of the camera! These photos (plus a bunch more) took us about 30 minutes to get.

photograph of blonde woman sitting on couch in colorado studio

Special quick shoutout to the Loft House ! It’s a new studio/Air B&B/event space in Black Forest, Colorado Springs. It’s everything a photographer dreams of in a space. Giant windows for all that gorgeous light, well designed accents, white walls inside while the outside has beautiful trees and scenery. They’re also affordable! Check them out on instagram!

Thank you for letting me photograph your headshots for your Lash business, Audrey! I loved it!! If anyone is looking for content for the blog, website or social media – I’m your girl! Come find me on instagram to follow along with my shenanigans!

If you’re looking for my prices for families or headshots, here they are!

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