Hayley + Asa // Mountain wedding

Hayley and asa mountain wedding
Hayley and Asa had a beautiful mountain wedding in Cloudcroft NM!
Since there wasn’t an official toast at the wedding, here I go:

She’s my youngest sibling and my only sister and she’s quite special. Kind, imaginative but grounded, and loves people unconditionally. She’s the best type of person, the type you want in your corner because she’ll be standing there smiling her sweet smile and cheering you on. Hayley, I love you so so much! You’re a gift to the world and to me.

She found a man that is perfect for her. It’s a match that nobody ever doubted because it always made so much sense. Asa is a dreamer and he’s chasing his dreams of being a painter. He’s beyond talented! They are both devoted to the Lord and they believe in each others dreams. It’s a beautiful thing.

There are going to be many happy years and there will be years of trial.
You two will get through those days together and come out stronger than ever.
So many happy times ahead. Enjoy every moment!

Hayley and asa mountain wedding
Florals mountain wedding
Groom reaction to his bride
walking down the aisle
walking down the aisle - mountain wedding
Wedding in the mountains
Wedding in the mountains
Bride and groom
Hayley and Asa's wedding - Family photos
Hayley and Asa's wedding - Family photos
Groomsmen mountain wedding
So much love, bride and groom, mountain wedding
So much love, bride and groom, mountain wedding
bride and groom in love
Rocky Mountain wedding love
grapes on a beautiful naked cake
Cake cutting mountain wedding
first dance mountain wedding
parents dances mountain wedding

My husband Seth filmed and created this amazing video! There’s something so awesome about video of your special day. Photos are important, but this here will make a person cry!

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