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What a great DAY! I got to follow the King family around for an hour to get these lifestyle photos of them doing their daily farm life, per usual.  It was incredibly awesome to see the kids helping with the animals!

The King family is one of a kind.  They cherish each other and are incredible to the people around them. These kids are some of the sweetest kids you’ll ever meet. I’d be honored if my girls grew up to be anything like the King kids!

Colorado Farm life is the best!
Colorado farm lifeHave you ever felt like a chicken was mad at you? I have. haha
chicken farm Colorado farm family Colorado farm family Horses in Colorado

And I must admit, we literally took these photos yesterday, and I edited until 3 AM because I couldn’t wait to share them! I don’t think I’ve ever edited a session so quick.


farm kidsfarm family running around
siblings on their farm
colorado family farm
mom and her girls on the farm
family gardening
gardening in Colorado
gardening in Colorado
family farmingAnd the most beautiful sunflower and lady-friend I ever did see!
farming with family
baby chickThe sky started to shift into sunset, a beautiful shade of blue and pink, while they got the horses for a little father-daughter ride. One of my favorite moments, for sure!
horses and family
While the horses were being prepped for a trot around the yard, we got some fun wheel-barrel rides in. If you’ve ever had a wheel barrel in reach, you know how exciting this is!

I have the best memories of my parents doing this for me and my siblings. Then me rolling my sister around when I was strong enough, but then tipping her over on accident, because I wasn’t quite strong enough haha

kids in the wheel barrel farm kids playing together feeding the pigs
father-daughter horseback rides

farm animals
See those two little blonde kids? Those are mine! They were invited to get in on the fun 🙂 I’m going to post a few of their photos at the bottom of the blog!
tractors and farm life
My family came along to play as we took photos and I’m so glad they were able to get a little peak into the King’s family farm life! <3 As you can see here, Indee has a new best friend and it’s a baby chicken. She held it the entire time!
Kids on the farm

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